Exciting Update: Workflows for Shared Event Types

Exciting Update: Workflows for Shared Event Types
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Hey, Calendly Community! 👋


What’s better than a tool that you’ve already come to know and love using within one of your favorite products (Calendly, duh)? The expansion of that tool to additional event types! 🤗

Something that we’ve seen Calendly users asking for since (seemingly) the dawn of time is the ability to use Workflows on Shared Event Types. Great news - now you can!

Q: Who does this article apply to? 
A: All Calendly users on paid plans (Standard, Teams and Enterprise). 

Before we get into the new and shiny, let’s quickly refresh ourselves on Shared Events and Workflows! 

❓What exactly are Shared Events? 

Shared event types = great for quick collaboration with colleagues.

Shared event types, just like team event types, include collective and round robin events. However, whereas an admin sets up and controls team event types, any user can create a shared event type.

❓When should you use Shared Events? 

Shared events are useful for ad hoc or short-term situations, since they are not regulated or managed by a admin or team manager.

For example, say you need to set up a support call to troubleshoot with you and an engineer. Without needing to find a Calendly admin, you can create a collective shared event type with your colleague. The troubleshooting call isn’t recurring, and doesn’t need to live on a team landing page.


A shared event type

❓Great - what are Workflows? 

Calendly members on a paid subscription can automate the extra work that comes with booking meetings. You may want to automatically send email or text messages to invitees before or after booked Calendly events without the guesswork. Currently, you may be using multiple applications or manually copying and pasting event and invitee information between Calendly and another application to get these kind of tasks done. Not anymore, with Workflows.

Continue to read more about Workflows, here!

Now that we’ve cleared that up - let’s move on to the point of this article: the fact that you can now use Workflows on Shared Event Types! 💃🏻


🎊Workflows for Shared Event Types

As a Calendly owner, admin, or shared event type owner, you can create Workflows for shared events. The process for creating and editing workflows is the same for individual, shared, and team event types. To view ownership of a shared event:

  1. From the Even Types page, select the settings icon in the top right-hand corner of the shared event.
  2. Select Edit permissions.
  3. From the People with access section, owners, admins, and shared event owners can view and edit the permissions for each user assigned to the event.
    • Note: If you can't see a settings icon on a shared event, this indicates that you have 'Can view' access. To obtain edit permissions, you'll need to contact the owner of your organization, an admin, or the owner of the shared event.

      Shared event permissions.gif

There you have it! How excited are you that you can now use Workflows on Shared Events? I know that I’m feeling pretty giddy about it! 🙌 Tell us in the comments below what you think - and feel free to leave detailed feedback as well! 

You can read more about Workflows, Shared Events and other relevant tools and features in the resources listed below. 

Happy Scheduling, community pals! 


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