Can we create different workflows according to who the meeting is attributed (with round robin)

  • 21 June 2024
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Hello ! For now I have a standard plan but i’m thinking to upgrade to a team’s plan as I’m hiring someone. But, I have 2 remaining questions.


In my activity, clients book meeting 1o1 with me. My partner will also have 1o1 with clients and at the same time as me. So I read that I should organize round robin event. (Is that correct?) 


As we are having a regulated-by-law activity, we have to make the client sign a formal document and this document is a bit different if that s me or my partner doing the meeting. So when the client chooses the meeting, is it possible to send a different workflows (with a different link for the right document) according to who the meeting is assigned ? 


I couldn’t find the answer on the community. Thank you in advance for your answer 


And please, pardon my english, I’m french ^^


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Hey there @Oseille42035 -- great questions! It does sound like our Teams plan might benefit you. Let me answer what you asked! 


  1. You can set up a Round Robin Event Type if you’d like! However, you can also simply allow yourself and your new hire to have your own one-on-one event types. They will be able to be booked at the same time, as you are each separate hosts. 
  2. Workflows assigned to an event type will be the same for all bookings/invitees regardless of the host. So, setting up a Round Robin in this case does not sound like the best bet for you. I suggest either individual one-on-one event types for each of you, or, you can use a one-on-one and you can create an Admin Managed Event type for your new hire. In this case you can create and apply workflows to the admin managed event, as well. 
  3. Check out the articles below for more helpful info on these topics!


I hope this helps!