Teams not getting populated

  • 9 February 2024
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Scheduled meetings are not getting populated in my Teams calendar, even though a Teams meeting link is issued

3 replies

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Hey there @Steady455 - thanks for your topic! Firstly, check out our New User Guide - it’ll def prove helpful as you get used to the platform!

What the most likely issue here is that you have connected a different MS Teams account to your Calendly (via integration with your “add to calendar” or via your integrations page) than the MS Teams you are signed into and hoping to see your scheduled meetings in. This is something I’ve seen happen many times with other users that have more than one account! If your MS Teams links are being populated for your Calendly meetings, then the meetings should be populating in your MS Teams account as well. 

Please double-check the account you have integrated with Calendly against the account you are actively logged into on your computer/device. If these accounts do not match, there’s your issue! If these accounts do match, please let us know. In that case, I would suggest the following: 

  1. Disconnect your MS Teams integration (from your Calendar Connection page or integrations page, depending on how you connected)
  2. Reconnect your MS Teams integration
  3. Book a test event with yourself to see if the link populates and the meeting appears in MS Teams
  4. If this does not fix the issue, reach out to MS Teams support here 
  5. If they are unable to help resolve the issue, let us know

I hope this helps!

I followed the instructions and Teams is still not getting populated with the meeting details.

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Hey again @Steady455 - I’m so sorry to hear this! Did you reach out to Microsoft Teams support to see if they could help? If you’ve already done that - please reach out to our support team by logging into your account and clicking “help” so that they can look further into the issue in a more personalized way for you! They will be able to get your issue sorted out. =)