Can I create new event type using API

  • 19 April 2024
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If i can create new event type then if is the process. could you please let me know in detail what is the process.
First i hit api then i got current user’s uri then i tried to create new event type using here API response is 200 ok , but it is not visible on our caladly dashboard (developer dashboard or  client dashboard).

Noe: I have one account with one co-host. 

8 replies

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Thanks for posting in the community! I happen to have been working with this topic recently so I wanted to help share some insight. 


In Calendly your One-Off event types can be found in the “Pending” tab of your scheduled events page. For convenience, you can find that page here:


This is where you managed the one-off events you create using the API or within the app itself. Hope that helps!

Thanks @Austin Austin for replying, 

I would like to know, can we able to render available screen provided by Calandly, just like Calandly event scheduling screen?

Here is the attached screen demonstrate the calandly scheduling page, similarly can we get the screen which demonstrate user’s availability.   

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Hello @infocoachy, you can render an availability screen provided by Calendly, and you’d follow our embed process described in the guide here: Embedding Calendly on your website. This will show you how to display a specific event type (or set of event types) to render using our widget. You can theoretically replace the reference URL for your event type as the embed link, but keep in mind that doing this manually won’t be a good method considering once it’s booked the one-off meeting will be turned off and cannot be used. 


If you are hoping to show the one-off meeting as an embed on your website automatically through our API - we do not currently have any endpoints that support retrieving pending events at this time.
With that said, I've found an internal ticket looking to add this functionality and added this request as support. Hopefully with this type of exposure, our team can make this happen. 

@Austin , is there any possibility that i can connect with your support team one on one ? it may on phone call or in google meet or any. I want to explain my exact scenario what actually i want to achieve & what is the exact client’s requirement. 

Waiting for your kind response.

Thanks @Austin .   

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Absolutely [redacted for user privacy]


Let’s talk things through and make sure you are set up for success. Speak soon!

Thanks in advance for you valuable time, I have scheduled the event please check on your side and please join we will wait for you @Austin .

@Austin , Could you please share the recording of the meeting?



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Hey @infocoachy it was nice to chat! I sent over the follow up as an email, so look out for it there. Thanks!