Iintegrate a table booking tool into Calendly

  • 8 March 2024
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We’re exploring the idea to use Calendly for our platform and have our users book a table at a conference to schedule both at the same time. Is this feasible? How? 

3 replies

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We have APIs to retrieve preferred event and let users book the event. Our Developer Portal has some examples on how to retrieve the booking URL and include in a message body. 

Can you share how users will book a table? For example: would they come to your platform, select a conference and book for the event?

They would come to our platform , book a meeting with another user from our platform and also need to book one of the 15 available tables. So we need to find a way to also see what slots are available at any of those tables. Basically like booking a meeting room in a corporate environment 🙏

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@DocMarston Here are few things you can do:

  • From Calendly Product, create a 15 mins one-to-one Event Type. If there will be multiple hosts, then you can create a Collective Event Type which will let you add multiple Hosts for the same event. Make sure the date-rage is correct as you may only want this Event Type to be working during the conference time. 
  • In your platform, use the scheduling URL from that Event Type to embed the Booking Page. This will show the 15 min availably for that event. Users can then view and book their preferred time. 
  • In addition: If you want to show or see all the booked scheduled events, you can use our List Events API for that. Tip: This will also include user information (name, email, etc.) on who booked the event, so you can use those data for reporting purpose.