Integrating Calendly with a Multi-Step Form to Submit Collected Data

  • 6 June 2024
  • 1 reply

I'm using Calendly as the final step in a 5-step form on my website. I need to ensure that when a user schedules an event via Calendly, the data collected in the previous steps of the form is also submitted.

Is there a way to pass the collected data along with the Calendly event scheduling? Alternatively, is there an event or method to ensure the event is only scheduled if the data is submitted correctly?

Any advice on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated!

1 reply

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Hello @Eraldo52180! There is a pretty interesting way to pre-populate information to a scheduling page by using URL parameters. We cover what those parameters are here: Essentially each question outside of required fields like name, and email, are coded as their answer number. For example you can pre-populate responses to custom questions. Just specify the question number (e.g. "a1", "a2"...) followed by the response. To specify multiple questions, separate the numbers by commas.
Ex: a4=14045555555


The last thing you’d need to do is either: 

  1. have the answer text in each of the previous sequence of forms, added as a URL parameter and stripped from the URL in the final step to populate a question on the scheduling page (if the forms are opening new pages)
  2. Somehow log the values to the console for use in the page later (if the forms are triggering other embedded steps to open, but not a new URL)