Is there an API that allows users of my service to schedule Google Meet meetings with other users of my service without signing in and linking their Google accounts?

  • 21 March 2024
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I'm wondering if an API exists that offers the functionality mentioned previously. In particular, is it possible for our service's users to utilize this feature through an API without needing to integrate with Google account?

  1. Member B opens up their calendar for online meetings, setting aside 30 minutes per appointment.
  2. Member A checks Member B's calendar.
  3. Member A selects an available slot in Member B's schedule.
  4. Member A chooses to have a Google Meet meeting.
  5. A meeting schedule is created for Member A and Member B, including a link to hold the meeting on Google Meet.

1 reply

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@tomnatomna Would this be a one-time meeting or Member B is creating 30 mins availability so other Members can book a meeting? 

If it is one time, Create One-off Meeting Links could work in this case. Member B would create a meeting link with one 30 mins timeslot (or more) with Google Meet as web conferencing option. Member B would share that link to Member A and Member A can book a meeting. 

If there are more members then Member B would need to first create a 30 mins one-to-one Event Type and share the link with other Members. Currently there is no API to dynamically create one-to-one Event Type.