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I’ve just joined the webinar about the add in and love the functionality. I have 4 calendars connected and work daily in Outlook. When composing an email and selecting the extension I only see the meetings created via my outlook. I don’t any from my gmail. This rendesr the functionality pointless and I cannot see a true picture of my day. What am i doing wrong? 

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Hey @Duffy31969 I’m glad you found the add-in tool and see the value for your daily scheduling needs! Keep in mind that Calendly will only present times to invitees that are not conflicting with the calendars connected on your calendar connection page here:

My recommendation would be to ensure that both your Outlook and your Google calendar are connected via the calendar connection page. This way when you share a link via the add-in, you can have confidence that the times shown are available. 

Additionally, this impacts the “add times to email” function of the add-in which is super useful as it adds a nice button UI for the invitee to select a time that best works for them. The times displayed will only reflect the actual available times you have in Calendly (after checking both connected calendars) 

Currently the add-in is not going to display a list of events from your Google calendar, so you’ll want to rely on the conflict checking to handle your availability in those instances. 

Thank you. I understand. D

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Hello all

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