Reserve space in own agenda for available booking date/times?

  • 20 June 2024
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Hi, I’m quite new to Calendly and have setup one event to be scheduled in a few specific date/time slots. It all works great. Calendly schedules the booked events into my iCloud calendar.

To make sure I do not book other appointments myself in the slots I gave to Calendly, I now have to reserve that spaces in my iCloud calendar manually.

Is there a way that Calendly automatically makes visible in my iCloud calendar what dates/times are available for Calendly events? So I don’t have to maintain that manually (risking errors)?

Thanks, Arnold 


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3 replies

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Hey there @Arnoldk70 -- thanks for your post!

At this time, no. Calendly + calendar connections are mostly a one-way connection -- your connected calendar feeds your “free” and “busy” status info to Calendly so that Calendly does not double-book over conflicts (“busy” events on your calendar), and Calendly pushes booked events to your add-to calendar. 

There is no way to view the availability you’ve set up in Calendly on your connected calendar. I’m sorry! 

I do hope the clarification helps. 

Thank you Kelsi, clear statement. So I can stop looking for ‘hidden’ options :-)

Maybe a nice to have for future updates.


Kind regards, Arnold

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You are very welcome @Arnoldk70 -- I am glad to have helped. I will definitely note the feedback for you, too. Have a great weekend!