Calendar confirm / cancel in Webhooks

  • 12 March 2024
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I am working on a webhook integration with Calendly and noticed that when a user cancels an event in e.g. Google calendar, the event is canceled, but there is no webhook notification.

Is there a way get such notifications - for both canceling and confirming? If not, is this something the Calendly team has plans to support?


4 replies

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@ArtaDev we have invitee.created and invitee.canceled Webhooks which you can use to subscribe for the events when a meeting is booked or canceled. Canceled event will fire in both scenarios if an invitee or a hosts cancels the meeting. 

Thanks for the info.

  1. I noticed that if the user cancels the meeting using the selecting “No” in Google calendar, this will cancel the meeting in Calendly, but it does not send a webhook event.
  1. If the user cancels using the Calendly UI, then yes, I do see a webhook cancel event.

I’m asking about the 1st situation and if this should / will be supported.

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@ArtaDev ah, thank you for clarifying. You are correct in this case - if user takes action from Calendar, we don’t register this as cancel event on our side, thus the webhook will not fire.

May be not super useful in your case, but there is a ‘Cancel’ Calendly URL on the calendar invite and if user uses that, it will be registered. Example: 

Need to make changes to this event? Cancel: Reschedule: Powered by

Is there a plan to also support the action from the 3P Calendar to webhook event?

I did notice that the Calendly UI itself shows that the user has canceled the event, so some Calendly system is aware of this user action.