Calendly booking form not working on IOS mobile device

Hi team Calendly. I have had a few customers saying they cannot book a meeting with me via my clanldy link. Having looked into it with a customer today, it appears to be those trying to book a slot via an Aple phone using chrome. I can see there ws mention of this same issue 2 months ago but cannot see if this is still being addressed or is there a workaround for now. 


my workaround for now is “Experiencing issues with booking via your IOS mobile device? –  please WhatsApp on the number below.” but is not pretty. Any clues?


I am a titch irritated by this as I route google ads to this page... 

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Hey @Active25788 I’m sorry to hear you are running into issues! I have opened that link on my iPhone with Chrome browser and didn’t run into any issues booking a test event. Feel free to ignore the notification about “Testing Calendly”. 


I’m curious as to what feedback you are hearing from customers trying to book? 

hi Ausitin. I had 3 different clients say the same thing, that they could not click on ‘book’ the selected time and day after fillin in their details. I checked but could see the system ws fine. 


its was the last client that called me to expalin the isue and that they were using and Iphone.


i have since tried it on a spear iphone 10 myself with no issue.


I can’t explain it, it all looks ok to me too. your test came through no problem.


i’ll reach out again if the same issue comes up and make sure to get as much info as possible

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Thanks for the follow up @Active25788 , and that all makes sense. 


Just in case it’s helpful, I’ll share some other insight. The most common reason we see confusion from invitees when trying to book calls using a mobile device, tends to be an issue with the height of the container. Essentially if the container is too short for the device, invitees get confused on how to scroll and select a date. 


The challenge most face with our embed is that as you engage with the widget by clicking a date and viewing a list of times, or selecting the time and viewing a list of questions, both have a variable height. So while the widget can initialize at a pixel perfect height, it won't dynamically increase when a list of questions is presented to the invitee making the height much larger. 


Currently there is not a way for our embedded widget to automatically adjust height depending on the number of available times, and questions presented. Most of our clients find a happy number in the 1000px - 1500px depending on the amount of times offered and questions asked. I'd recommend finding that sweet spot for your Calendly embed or look at using one of our other options such as the Pop-up widget or Pop-up text which open a pop-up modal and are a bit easier to scroll and navigate. You can see all of our embed options here:

Let us know if something comes up again and try to collect as much info as you can! I’ll do my best to assist, happy scheduling!

OOPS, you are right. i shall sit in the naughty step now I’ve changed my CSS !


The Calendly service is superb. thank you Asutin. 

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Wonderful to hear! Happy to help if anything else comes up :)