Calendly Oauth 2.0 connection -> Need client id, secret etc

  • 23 January 2024
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I want to Integrate Calendly with Vertical CRM (ZOHO CRM application) so there are some values I need from calendly for the Integration. Please refer the screenshot below

Can you help me finding Signup URL, Refresh Token URL, Access Token URL, client id and secret etc. for my account

3 replies

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@Himanshu53136 are you looking to build a new integration (public application) with Calendly and Zoho CRM for our joint customers?

There is already an integration with Zoho CRM built by independent developer which you can see in Zoho Marketplace. 

If you are looking to build similar integration or building for your own product, you can go to our Developer Portal, create an account. You can then create a new oauth application which will give you required credentials to build an integration with Calendly. 

Hi @Niraj. Thank you for your respone.

I want to integrate Calendly with vertical CRM(a ZOHO product) not with ZOHO CRM.

And I have got the credentials like client id etc. Can you help me finding {uuid} or organization id. I need this value in URL parameter of Calendly API


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@Himanshu53136 You can find your Organization URI on this endpoint Get Current User endpoint.