can you reconsider launching scheduling API?

  • 4 July 2024
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I saw a few posts ranging from years to months ago requesting a “scheduling API” to be launched. I wanted to know if this was any closer to becoming a reality, if there was a timeline / early access option.

To be honest, it seems crazy to me that this has not been launched.

I’m currently working with clients to add Voice based scheduling, which is useful for both organic bookings, and for accessibility with visually impaired users. Naturally a lot of clients are already using Calendly. As it stands as we cannot schedule events from user data, the only thing I can do is encourage people to migrate away from your service because of this limitation - which seems pretty sad since you’ve often been a staple supplier.

This seems like a big miss that is going to get worse very quickly as AI increases the volume of non-traditional booking interfaces being used - if you haven’t I would ask you to reconsider.

1 reply

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@TechAnalytics We are looking into it (considering business and technical impact), however, there is no timeline on when the API will be launched.