Cancel group meeting event for one invitee by REST call

  • 5 May 2024
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This is related to my post 


I found out that if I have a group meeting with 3 invitees: inv1_uuid, invitee2_uuid, invitee3_uuid

and I want to cancel the meeting for only one of them, for example inv1_uuid, I can call:

PUT with body:


"cancel_reason": "Test cancel again"


and it works.

Just wanted to verify we can use this API.


1 reply

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Hey @Maya25876 currently there isn’t a way to cancel a specific invitee via the API but we there is a link structure that could be used to open a cancellation page. 


In your post you sent the link structure:


The actual link structure for cancelling an invitee on a group event would be: This isn’t a true endpoint, but will open the cancellation page served to the invitee upon cancelling an event.