check if webhook subscription is working

  • 30 March 2024
  • 2 replies

My webhook url responds to test data, both from a test script and from postman. However, when I create an event in Calendly there is no answer at the webhook url end. How can I learn if my webhook subscription is working?

2 replies

Hi there,

You can check the status of your webhooks by using the List Webhook Subscriptions API request. It will return an array of your webhooks. The field, “state”, will show if it is active or disabled.

I also encourage you to confirm the “scope” of the webhook - if the scope a user, it will only trigger on that user’s booked events. 

Thanks for your respose Tessa0991.

I executed "List Webhook Subscriptions” and verified that the status of my webhook is ‘active’. I then tested it with "Get sample webhook data” and it displayed the expected data.

The callback URL is a Google Apps script that should retrieve specific data from the Webhook subscription and copy it to a Google datasheet. This GAS script works well with sample data, provided either by another script or from Postman.

However, the script is unable to receive real data from a new event in Calendly. After an invitee_created or invitee_cancelled event in Calendly, the script receives the Webhook data, but this is not processed. For some reason, the script crashes. Although it contains try catch statements and Logger.log lines for debugging, as we cannot open the failed instance, we have no clue on what’s going on. Is there any log info on the Webhook subscription side that could give us some insights?