DKIM, SPF records

  • 10 June 2024
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I need to set up DKIM & SPF for emails sent from Calendly - what records need adding to my server - there i no documentation anywhere.

4 replies

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Hey there @Adrianne16328 - thanks for your post!

l’m sorry to say that this is not something Calendly facilitates! I did look into this for you, reaching out to a couple of colleagues and looking into our internal knowledge base, to ensure that I was not missing anything I might have been able to provide that would have helped.

If you have any other questions about the functionality of your Calendly account + anything we can help sort out or set up, please let us know! 

In the hope of maybe helping someone else that stumbles on this thread…

I use Calendly with the Google integration where it populates (and gets availability from) my Google calendar. However my email address with Calendly is a custom domain which doesn’t use Google which will result in the event notification messages failing SPF (and with a strict DMARC policy, being blocked by remote hosts). Event notifications via Google are DKIM signed by the domain but not by my custom domain (as obviously I don’t have a custom domain on google), which is fine for me.

Thus if your using this setup, you just need to add “” to your custom domains SPF record, to allow the google calendar event notifications to be delivered appropriately.

I’m also happy to try and help other setups via this thread if helpful ...

Adam28365, is “” the full value of the DNS TXT entry. Did you have to specify a hostname? (Using DigitalOcean as service provider)

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