Is there a possibility to set the Busy Times through the Calendly API?

  • 3 February 2024
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Hi there,

I found only the possibility to receive the Busy Times with “List User Busy Times”, but unfortunately it seems to be no possibility to set the Busy Times through the API. This would be very useful.

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5 replies

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@doolak There is no API today to set busy times. Can you share your use case so we can add it to the request? 

@Niraj Thanks for your reply! I had planned to develop a web application that synchronizes calDAV calendars with Calendly. When I discovered that the Calendly API apparently does not offer a way to set "busy times," I decided to implement real-time synchronization of the calDAV server with Google Calendar to use that as an "interface" between the calDAV calendar and Calendly. Of course, this is not the most elegant way, but it is a well-functioning "workaround".

However, if the Calendly API were extended with the functionality to set "Busy Times," I could do without the "Google Calendar" detour for the Calendly/calDAV synchronization.

I would therefore be very happy if you could add my use case to the request.

Best regards, Christian

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@doolak Thank you. This was helpful insight and it make sense. For now, please keep checking or subscribe to our (RSS) Release Notes in Developer Portal for any updates in new APIs. 

I have to admit,  this seems like some obvious functionality too.    Rather that have calendly integrate to google/outlook something else to see any conflicts , i would like to explicitly tell calendly that a user is not available between X and Y.

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@Dave64640 good feedback! If we were to have this, would you expect this to be at the Event Type level or at the global level (when you set your schedule and availability)?