• 24 April 2024
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How to user personal email for host when creating 

one_off_event_types with calendly api


const options = {  method: 'POST',  url: '',  headers: {   'Content-Type': 'application/json',   Authorization: `Bearer ${accessToken}`  },  data: {   name: eventData.title,   host:  "Personal email",   // co_hosts: eventData.invitee_email,   duration: 30,   timezone:  'Africa/Abidjan',   date_setting: {    type: 'date_range',    start_date: moment(eventData.min_start_time).format('YYYY-MM-DD'),    end_date: moment(eventData.min_start_time).format('YYYY-MM-DD')   },   location: {kind: 'physical', location: 'Main Office', additonal_info: 'string'}  }};

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Hey @Michael55651 looks like you want to define the email address used for the calendar invitation and notifications? Is that right? 


I see you defined the host as personal email, but this endpoint requires the format to be defined as the URI string of the specific user who is hosting this meeting. This must also match the personal access token (PAT) that the POST request is authorizing (even for owner/admin roles). 


The calendar account that is used in Calendly is defined in the “calendar sync” settings page here: Whatever calendar is connected, and marked in the “add to calendar” section will be the calendar that is used to send the invitation from. Hope that helps!