problems integrating with the Calendly API

  • 25 March 2024
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I'm working on integrating Calendly with an omnichannel system. During authentication tests through Postman, I was successful in receiving the authentication token. However, when making other requests, I consistently receive error 500 - Internal Server Error. I would like to check if I am making any mistakes in the token request or in other subsequent requests

Attached, 'Print 1' shows my OAuth2 request, in which I successfully obtained an authentication token. However, when using this token in 'Print 2', another request, I receive the mentioned error.

1 reply

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Hello @Grupo45162 - thanks for posting your question!

The format of the call with the bearer token looks correct, so I wonder if any additional parameters or headers could be the issue.

Would you mind checking these parts of the request and removing any unnecessary additions to the call to see if that helps?

Since you’re using Postman, I did also want to mention that we now have a Calendly API Postman collection too!