PUT or GET "Amount to be collected"?

  • 29 June 2024
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I’m looking to use the calendly API to sync pricing for events between my website and Calendly.


In the Calendly UI there is an “Amount to be collected” field shown here:



For a given event type, is it possible to use the API to PUT a new value there (preferred) or GET the current “Amount to be collected” given an event type? 


3 replies

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Hey @jerschneid I’m definitely interested to hear more about your use-case! I can confirm that the resource for event type (shown here: currently doesn’t contain a variable for the payment component. In general we don’t currently offer a POST/PUT request to update anything on payments collected within an event type. 

You could however do this in-app, by viewing the event type and you can export a list of past events to see what amounts have been collected. 

Would you mind telling me a little more about how you plan to use this feature, if it becomes available? I’d love to get this across the desk of our integrations and API team for review

Hey @Austin!

We’re building an online marketplace where you can book a financial advisor for an hourly flat rate. We integrate heavily with Calendly to handle the calendars and bookings for 20 different financial advisors (and growing). We currently have all the advisors charging the same amount, but we’re planning to switch to variable pricing, where each advisor sets their own price.

It’s convenient for us to have Calendly handle the payments because it eliminates race conditions between payments failing and calendar spots booking up. But now that advisors are setting their own rates, we would ideally like a way to sync between what Calendly is charging and what our site is advertising on the search results and advisor details pages.

Our ideal scenario would be the advisor changing their rate in our app, then we make a PUT call to their Calendly event to tell Calendly to update their rate, keeping everything in sync.

Right now, I think we’re stuck doing it manually as an admin task, or asking our advisors to double-enter whenever they want to change a rate. I’m all ears if anyone has any ideas though! :)



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Hello Jeremy, thank you for the detailed breakdown! I’m going to make sure I share this with my team as it’s great feedback around an interesting use-case. I’ll continue to champion the feedback for you and hope that we can create this sort of feature at some stage! 


For now you are going to be limited to that manual check in-app, but with this feedback we can look at future iterations!