Using workflow variables to adjust event description based on unique invitee characteristics

  • 28 April 2024
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Hey all! I’m interested in being able to attach a unique URL to every event that is created by my calendly link (as determined by the inviting user). Is this something that is possible via current tooling, or via the API?

4 replies

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Hey @Garrett43712 It sounds like you want to dynamically send a URL based on the “inviting user”. Is the inviting user the host in this case? If so, then you can achieve this with the out of box behavior of Calendly workflows. 


Each host is able to set up workflows from the workflow page: for all event types they are the host or potential host for. So that person can attach a unique URL to scheduled events where they are the host vs. when someone else is the host! 

Ah apologies, I meant the ‘inviting user as the user who was being invited’. As a host I may have different users that I’m inviting, and I would want a different unique link to be populated depending on who I am inviting. Could I build this?

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I see, that makes more sense! By link it sounds like you want a unique video conference link to populate based on the invitee who will be joining you. 

Thankfully this is the default behavior of our video conferencing integrations like Zoom, Teams, and Google meet. When you integrate on one of those via this integrations page: then set that as your location for an event type, then each invitee that schedules an event with you will have their own Zoom, Teams, or Google meet link respective of their meeting with you. 

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If you mean you want a link to use for scheduling, you can instead use this feature called a “Single Use link” which is a small toggle when sharing event types with people. This makes it so that this link can be used only once, making it unique to each invitee. 

There isn’t a way to automate this process however, so creating a single use link is a manual function that occurs from within the Calendly event types page here: You’ll click “Share” then toggle the single use link toggle for each time you want to share it.