View Scheduled Event using Popup Widget

  • 2 April 2024
  • 2 replies

Hi There!


I have the uri of an scheduled event and I would like to view the scheduled event using the popup widget using



I tried to use Calendly.initPopupWidget with the url of the calendly account (e.g. but popup is showing the calendar to schedule the meeting.


I would like Calendly popup widget show the “You are scheduled” information only.


Thank you!

2 replies

Hey @harvestbuilders ,


What a great use-case that I haven’t heard brought up before! This would not be possible using any of our embed options, as these are simply iframes that allow you to showcase your booking page.


However, using that URI, you could call the necessary API endpoints (like to gather the information on the backend, and then code your webpage to view the desired information.


With a little development work, I think you could make this happen!

Hi @Michael G !

Yes, I will just call the API to get the scheduled event details then create my own modal dialog to display the information. 

Thank you!