Webhook going disabled

Is there any way to prevent a webhook subscription from being disabled?
It is happening often and the only solution I found is to check every day with the endpont webhook_subscriptions to check the status. 
Isn't it possible to configure an alert for when a subscription is about to be disabled to avoid it?

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Hey @Tobias15201 I’m sorry to hear that your webhook subscription is failing/disabling on you! Typically this is due to our server not receiving a 200 response within a given timeframe, so we will continue to try to send the data until eventually the webhook is disabled. 

Are you currently sending over a 200 response when you receive the data in your server/database? 

Yes I am returning 200. But as I am working with different environments, each one with a subscription to the webhook. At the beginning the webhook was sending me the events to all the environments, now I am filtering by type of event to avoid the problem, but still I would like to have another level of security so that if any problem occurs, somehow receive a warning that the subscription was disabled or better yet a warning before this happens to solve it.

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Hello @Tobias15201 I completely understand. 

Your webhook subscriptions shouldn’t be disabling often, so I will encourage you to open a ticket with my team by emailing We will do our best to narrow down why this might be happening. 


In regards to your questions, the webhook will continue to try deliver for 24 hours with an exponential back-off (tries to deliver less and less frequently). After 24 hours the webhook is disabled and needs to be recreated. 

I completely understand the need for alerts, however Calendly currently will not alert you when a webhook has failed or been disabled. Our webhooks will only send data when an event is scheduled or canceled in Calendly. Some gateways and databases can send alerts for unusually low payloads in a given period, so I’d recommend setting up that sort of alert but it sounds like you might already have that configured. 

We are always hard at work making improvements to our API so I’m hopeful an alert system can be implemented at some stage.