Webhooks seem to never reach the AWS API (using Lambda and API Gateway)

  • 11 June 2024
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I have setup webhook subscriptions both to a local ngrok server as well as my deployed API in AWS which is serviced via API Gateway and Lambda.  I have confirmed that both subscriptions are definitely active.  They also both have the same events setup for the subscription. However, when an appointment is booked only my local ngrok server seems to get a request.  The API in AWS seems to never get triggered.  Is there a way to see what the specific issue was and if Calendly actually called the API?

1 reply

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Hey @Arman50123 that can be a little tricky to troubleshoot at times. 


Currently we aren’t able to send reporting or updates if your webhook subscription has an error, or is disabled. However, you can use a few specific fields when calling the List Webhook Subscriptions endpoint here in order to get this sort of reporting. You’ll be using the “retry_at” variable from that endpoint. 


The retry_at variable will show you the last time the our server had to retry the push of data to your intake URL. You’ll notice another variable that could be useful called updated_at. I’d think about the updated_at as a date for when the status may have updated. Should a webhook be experiencing issues, it will fall into a status where our retries become less and less frequent until it is essentially disabled. 


When calling the list webhook subscriptions endpoint, and look for any retry_at variable that is within the last 24 hours (assuming you run this every day). This could at least give you a heads up that something isn’t working quite right. If you happen to have the UUID of the webhook subscription I can take a look to see what might be happening on the backend. If you haven’t already, I do recommend sending an email over to