Embed: I am not receiving parent window notifications/I cannot hide the cookie banner

  • 5 January 2024
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When initializing a Calendly embed with widget.js, our script adds two parameters to the iframe embed’s URL. The presence of these two parameters will allow the booking page to ‘behave’ like an embed.

The parameters that our script adds are embed_domain and embed_type.

When the parameters are included, the booking page will:

  • show a transparent background behind the booking container instead of a light background,
  • allow the option to hide the cookie banner and cookie preferences,
  • and send notifications to the parent window with window.postMessage().

There are a few reasons that these parameters can be missing from your embed:

  • When loading an HTML file in your browser directly from your computer’s local files, embed_domain will be missing. (Note: loading a localhost page will populate the domain parameter - only pages opened directly will be impacted.)
  • Loading an embed in a WebView can also sometimes result in embed_domain being missing, so you may need to add this manually to the URL.
  • If you have added a Calendly link directly to an iframe instead of using widget.js, you will always need to add both of the parameters manually.

When added by widget.js, the embed_domain parameter is populated using window.location.host. The embed_type is populated according to the type of embed you are using (Inline, PopupText, or PopupWidget).



If your link is


then the modified version would be


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