What value do I pass in the 'user' or 'organization' parameter?

  • 14 December 2023
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When calling Calendly API endpoints, you will sometimes be required to include a user and/or organization value. For example, the list events endpoint requires that you pass either a user or organization parameter depending on the scope you’d like to request and the create webhook subscription requires the organization and optionally the user to be passed in the body. But what are those values and how do you get them?


The value you will need to pass is the user or organization URI.

The easiest way to get these values is to call the get current user endpoint. The user URI can be found in uri and the organization URI can be found in current_organization.

If you are using OAuth, these values will also be contained in the response when you get an access token. The user URI will be provided in owner and the organization URI will be in organization.

Please note that you will need to pass the entire URI, not just the UUID portion. We recommend working with and saving entire URIs because UUIDs will never be used alone in our v2 API. This is outlined on our API conventions page.

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