Any support for a test or development environment?

  • 6 February 2024
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I’m developing some webhook integrations to consume invitee.* events.

We have both a dev and a prod environment and I was wondering if you have any guidelines, best practices, or support for how to set up the dev environment. The goals would be:

  1. Have dev and prod share as much as possible - ideally, the only difference would be how they are configured (signing keys, auth keys).
  2. Not allow any production data into dev



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@Adam Calendly currently does not have a dedicated developer sandbox account. Current recommendation is to create a Trial accounts for testing. Although not ideal, you could create multiple trial accounts to keep the data separate

Thanks for the quick response.

The solution that we are landing on is to just create a separate Calendly org/subscription with a minimal number of seats - as we’d like to have a more persistent dev environment and not have to set up a new trial every time for development.