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  • 27 January 2024
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I no longer have access to multiple round robin meeting links that I previously owned. Although I'm not currently a host within these links, I used to own them, allowing me to make edits and add participants. However, I've lost access, and I'm seeking guidance on how to regain control. How can I restore my access to these links?

2 replies

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Hey @Mandy47545 - great question and thanks for your post!

There are a few things that could explain this. One, it’s possible that you were an “admin” in your Calendly organization, giving you the ability to manage all team events to include Round Robin events, as well as shared and admin managed events, and are now a “user” without that access. Two, it’s possible that you were on a paid plan that included these event types, but have now dropped down to our free plan. This would make it so that the events were visible but unable to be edited/changed until upgrading again.

If the former is true, you will need to discuss with your owner/an admin why you are now a “user” in the organization rather than an “admin” with editing permissions for those event types. If the latter is the case, you’ll need to upgrade the plan you are on again. 

I hope this helps! Have a great day! 


Hi Mandy,


your problem is corresponding with my problem. As I can recall until now, the problem doesn't exist in your account, but rather the admin’s account yours is linked to. Let me try to explain, hoping, that some technical department is also reading this.


I am an account owner and admin. Round robins which I had set up have for example 3 hosts. Additionally I had added - let`s say - 10 team members as to be so called “event viewers”. The event viewers are team members like you describe yourself. They can “see” the event when logged into their accounts and they can invite people and schedule events. Viewers can not make changes to the event, though and they are NO HOSTS to the event. They will therefore not be informed themselves whenever the round robin is booked by somebody else or another viewer invites an attendee. There is another (intermediate) level of permission which is called event editor. That seems to be your role. It’s basically a viewer, that can make changes to the event but is still NOT HOST to the event.


The admin can assign people and their roles/permissions to the round robin via the so called “event type permissions” feature which is basically a button in the settings of each event. For more details see the following link:


Whenever a team  member is assigned the role of event viewer (or event editor or event owner) to the Round Robin, this particular event will be shown whenever they login to their accounts. Now they can invite and schedulde without being a host. (as already explained).


And now, here comes the problem: Since last night the “event type permission” feature seems to have been deleted from the admins accounts and with this, the event permissions of the assigned team members have also been deleted. Therefore the concerned events do - in logical consequence - not show up in the team members (event viewers’) account anymore. Obviously it is not only a button that has disappeared from the admins’ accounts but also the “rights” connected to it were deleted.


As I can recall, the feature was definitely still there Tuesday Jan23rd by 10:30 CET. I can not assess the exact time when it disappeared/was deleted, though. Nor do I know, whether all admin accounts are effected. First of all, I thought, it was just a specific problem with my account. But since it is logically corresponding with the account of “your admin” I know now that it is not.


Since this affects more than 20 people that don’t have access to several events in my organization I have alraedy contacted support three times since last night. Nobody was able to help me, though. I can only hope that this is some kind of malfunction and not a change of product.


Cheers from Germany,