Calendly Routing for Advisors - Why YOU Need It

  • 25 September 2023
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Having too many clients is never a bad thing, until it is.


I recently had the privilege of attending the annual Future Proof Conference in Huntington Beach, CA. The conference is unique. Not just because it is entirely hosted on the beach—yes, you heard it, on the beach—but because it gave me a unique opportunity to hear stories from numerous RFA's that use Calendly in the field. Spoiler alert…they LOVE the tool.


While love is a strong word, I enjoy hearing praise for a product so near and dear to my heart. However, I always like to take opportunities when meeting with clients on the front lines to ask how they are using it, and of course, how we can improve to make the love affair last a lifetime (or at least until retirement)?


To my surprise, the number one piece of feedback I received can be summed up in this statement: Advisors love automating scheduling as a way to accelerate client growth, but need a way better way to manage their calendars to prioritize client interactions.


Of course, "productive" can take on many meanings in the Financial Services industry. Some days are needed for admin work, some for nurturing relationships with top clients (uh hmm - tee-time, anyone?), and other times need to be protected for new business to help grow their portfolio. In comes Calendly Routing. 


While most know Calendly as the best-in-class tool for scheduling automation, many are unaware of the scheduling ecosystem Calendly has built. One of the most impressive features being routing technology that allows users to filter clients to different booking experiences based on customized qualifying questions.


For example, let's say you're an advisor with a strong and mature book of business. You're always interested in taking on new clients (who's isn't?), but with your current load, you prioritize clients that have total investable assets in excess of a certain dollar threshold. If you're just using your direct Calendly scheduling link, this can pose a problem as you're opening up your precious time to everyone. Including your next-door neighbor's brother-in-law who wants to sell you on his next big idea in miracle juice, but has no intention (or resources) to actually invest with you.


Even if you're into, uh... “independent juice distribution”, your working hours are valuable and Calendly routing gives you the ability to direct new and current clients to different booking experiences based on how they answer a few simple qualifying questions. For the prospects that don't meet your minimum criteria, direct them to a "thank you for your interest page" or a shorter 15 - 30 minute introductory meeting; if Taylor Swift's business manager reaches out, direct to your next available 2-hour timeslot.


To sum it all up, with Calendly Routing, you're in charge of how your time is displayed without having to sacrifice the ease of scheduling automation you've come to love. Routing allows you to customize the questions your clients and prospects see and thus gives you total control over your schedule without the added hassle of actually having to manually control your schedule.


Want to learn more? Check out this post with a great video showcasing the feature!

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