Add rule to limit / set maximum number of meetings of a type per week (please)

  • 17 October 2023
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I have appreciated the ability to limit the number of meetings of a certain type that can be scheduled per day (under ‘additional rules for your availability’)… but would LOVE to be able to also limit the number of meetings of a certain type per week.


My situation… for 2024 I have a personal goal to host a new acquaintance for lunch once a week… but afraid if I use my standard lunch Calendly invite with this group, I could end up with multiple in the same week… and I would prefer not to have to manually block my calendar to do so.

27 replies

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Hey there @Jason54638!

While there is not a “once a week” limitation in the true sense, our availability features are on your side, here!

You could either open up a once weekly hour by (for example) setting your weekly availability to Wednesdays from 12pm to 1pm with a one hour duration on the event type, or, you could set a date override for each week (if you want it to be a different date and time each week). This way, once someone books that one hour of open availability each week - nothing else can be booked!

Let me know if this makes sense, or if you get stuck! 

Been dying to have this feature. Setting an open time block for one day a week for an hour only is not manageable to meet others with flexibility for their schedule. 
I’ve tried adjusting the number of days notice but if they’re booking far in advance, it doesn’t work. Really need a weekly limit feature alongside the daily limit feature 

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Been dying to have this feature. Setting an open time block for one day a week for an hour only is not manageable to meet others with flexibility for their schedule. 
I’ve tried adjusting the number of days notice but if they’re booking far in advance, it doesn’t work. Really need a weekly limit feature alongside the daily limit feature 

We appreciate this feedback, @Jamie47707 - thanks so much! I will make sure it’s looped back to our product team for consideration in the future. Right now, all of the workarounds I’d propose involving availability seem to be things you have already tried and figured out don’t quite work for your use case. I’m so sorry there isn’t a better option I can offer! Please let me know if you have questions about the functionality of your availability and I’ll do my best to help. Have a great Thanksgiving if you celebrate! 

I would also like to request this feature please! I’m a product manager using Calendly to manage my user interviews. I’d like to limit the number of interviews I conduct a week without restricting flexibility for interviewees. The workaround suggested in this thread doesn’t solve my problem - I don’t want a set slot each week, since it adds a barrier for the interviewee to only offer them a specific time. I’d like to give them the flexibility to choose when to book (the whole selling point of Calendly), whilst making the number of interviews I conduct more spread out and predictable (ie 2 per week rather than 8 one week and none the rest of the month). Thanks!

Upvoting this feature! I’d like to limit the number of meetings for a certain meeting type I’ve created without restricting flexibility for team members. The suggested workaround does not work for my use case as it would greatly restrict available meeting times and reduce flexibility. Those scheduling meetings should be able to choose whatever time works for their schedule throughout the week, but I should be able to limit the number events that are booked for that type per week (4 of a specific meeting time per week). 

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Thanks all. Keep the feedback coming. This all makes it into our monthly product feedback round up, so any bit of feedback - and especially context, impact, use cases, etc. - really helps.

Do we have any timeline for when this might come out? 

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@Willows16362 - No specific timeline yet, but it’s very much something Product is figuring out.

@jillian Thanks for the recent update. Here’s my use case. A weekly limit vs. a daily limit would be really helpful. For the next three months my team of researchers will be interviewing research participants. To make it as easy as possible, we are sharing one Google calendar with as much availability as possible (so as to encourage participants to sign-up). However, we want to ensure a manageable research schedule. Thus, we want to limit the number of interviews per week to 6, even if this includes a few per day. Ideally, once the limit is reached, the availability will disappear that week for any new participants to register. Thanks for considering this. While you’re at it, I can imagine that some people might appreciate a monthly limit, also.

I’m upvoting this. Weekly limit (not restrictive to event types). Something where the person can select if they want that feature across all events or particular event types. I have 60 minute events and 30 minute events. If I want to limit my daily limit to 3, right now, I have to figure out which event type will get 2 and which event type will get 1. Something that would improve the ‘limit’ feature is to auto limit by demand, so it’s more like a first come first serve basis and if that day is full, they have the option of scheduling for the next available day for 30 minutes or 60 minutes- whichever is available. Gives the customer more options.

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@Michael37386 and @Malik37110 - thanks so much for adding your use cases and feedback to the pile! We will make sure this makes it into our January product feedback roundup and continue to update when we find out anything new! We can assure you our product team understands this is a widely requested feature and it’s on their radar for the future! =) 

Upvoting this as well! I am a postpartum doula and I provide overnight support (that’s a product request for another day). I only want to provide 2 overnights per week. I would like the client to be able to select which two nights work best for them so I typically leave every night as “available.” But, it defeats the automation aspect of this program when I still have to go back and forth with clients on what days they want and remind them to only pick two. I would really like them to pick the two nights they want for the week directly and automatically through the system. Weekly limit on event types! 


Thanks! Really looking forward to this update!

Upvoting this! I have the same problem as FTSDoula. I’m scheduling podcasts and my team can’t edit fast enough to do more than 1 per week. We really need this functionality for limiting one per week as the workaround still has us having to communicate with guests regularly more than seems professional.


Please fix this otherwise we’ll have to cancel and switch tools!!!

Big calendly fan, but saving time is the key reason we use Calendly.

Weekly & Monthly limits! 

I am happy to meeting with wholesalers and outside venders but only 1-2 a month (and want to do it under my normal non-limited avaliability). Not having this ability makes me unable to make this meeting type open to be scheduled on my calendar because I will be overwelmed.

You have my vote for this missing feature as well! It would be best if we could set a limit for each event type for a customisable time period (7 days, 30 days, etc.).

It would be even better if there was a global limit that we could set for all event types, so you could control the maximum amount of both individual event types and all meetings our clients can book through the tool. As an account manager, we use Calendly to schedule a wide variety of meetings with our clients, and being able to limit the amount per meeting type is not always enough, even if we set the minimum notice to several days.

Upvoting! I’m a project manager and accountability coach on client calls all day and need to limit the number of coffee chat/networking calls to 2/week so I can focus on revenue generating activities. My clients are all busy coaches and consultants who could make good use of this feature too. Creating boundaries around our time is a pillar of our work. Thanks!

Upvoting this too! I really need this to help with podcast interview scheduling. I can only do one a week max, but I often schedule multiple at the same time. I want to be as flexible as possible with their time, so only having one open window does not work. 

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Upvoting this too! I really need this to help with podcast interview scheduling. I can only do one a week max, but I often schedule multiple at the same time. I want to be as flexible as possible with their time, so only having one open window does not work. 

Hey there! Consider your voice heard. In the meantime, for your specific needs, you might consider our One-Off Meeting feature - click the link to check it out and learn how it works! Likewise, our Customize Once and Share feature might suit your current needs until (hopefully!) this feature you are all requesting is (possibly!) implemented in the future! I hope this helps. Have a great week! 

Setting a maximum per week per event type is a feature urgently needed for me.  I’m a mortgage adviser and while I can onboard 5 clients a week at the moment I have to do this by limiting availability to one per day so I don’t get overwhelmed however I’d be happier if I could set this to 5 per 7 calendar days as it wouldn’t matter if the initial appointments were concentrated in one point of my week, but I still want to give the flexibility of 5 days of availability and multiple times. 

Further, if other event types are also booked in a maximum booked times per day or week over an individual event, set of event types, or all event types would be amazing. 

ie do not offer availability for event time one on Monday if total event time booked exceeds 4 hours. 

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@Jamie51387 thanks so much for adding your use case in for this feature request! We are making sure to loop it all back around in our feedback for the product team. Have a great day! 

Hi, supporting this too. The daily limit feature helps with limiting meetings to one a day which is great, but, I would like to leave 5 days open for scheduling so that prospects can schedule 2 meeting at any of the 5 days, but once two meetings are scheduled, everything gets blocked.

Hi! I’d like to support the request for this feature as well. I schedule membership interviews at my work, and these are usually not too formal - they take the form of 1:1 meetings, sometimes over coffee. Some of our interviewers are flexible with multiple slots throughout the week when they would be available, yet they have a cap on the number of interviews they are able to conduct within any given week. 

Calendly helps maintain flexibility for the interviewees to pick whatever time slot works for them, but without the weekly limit on number of bookings, an interviewer may end up with more bookings than they can handle in a given week. This then requires intervention on my part to cancel other slots in the week once that interviewer’s availability is depleted, or have to ask interviewees to rebook on another week.

These interventions defeat the purpose of relying on Calendly for its automation purposes. Hoping that we get this feature soon. Thanks for the follow-up’s and updates @Kelsi at Calendly 

Upvoting this request too! 
Currently, I’m sending out only a few Calendly invitations per day to avoid surpassing the total participant limit for my study (e.g., I require five participants for the study). This process is tedious as I continually monitor Calendly responses and send out the remaining small number of invitations every day (few invitations every single day until I reach 5 participants for my study then close it). 

Appreciate more solutions for this! Thank you. 

Upvoting this as well.

My use case: we agree with clients on a set number of interviews to conduct with their staff. I need to be able to generate a Calendly meeting that has a restriction of only 5 meetings to be booked for example. Thank you

Would really appreciate having this -- without it, it is hard to control my calendar once my link is out there with people.