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  • 1 April 2024
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Hi Calendly Team,

I'm writing to inquire about the ability to set availability based on event types in Calendly.

Currently, overriding my availability affects all event types equally. This becomes inconvenient when, for example, I need to be unavailable for events in a specific location (customers/types of events) but remain available for those in another.

This feature would be particularly valuable for users with individual Calendly links, allowing for more granular scheduling control.
While I've been manually setting availability for specific events as a temporary solution, it's quite time-consuming.

Is there a way to achieve per-event type availability that I might be missing?  Alternatively, are there any plans to introduce this functionality in future updates?

Thanks for your time and consideration!



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Hey there @Oleg - thanks for your post!

You have options when it comes to setting event type specific availability! You can either go into the ET itself > choose “custom” > set the available hours within the event type itself, or, you can create schedules and apply them to multiple event types from your availability tab. See below for an example!

I hope this helps! You can also check out the Availability Schedules article over in our Help Center for more info. 

Let me know if you have further questions - I am here all day!