Availability when a custom override calendar schedule is set

  • 12 February 2024
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If you create a custom calendar that overrides your current calendar schedule and you send the calendar out with the specific times you’re allowing to override your calendar, if someone books during one of those times, will it remove that time slot availability from others? 

1 reply

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Hi @Mitzi60260,

If you’re referring to Calendly schedules as calendars, then yes. Let’s say you set a schedule called ‘Thursdays Only’ that specifically has just Thursdays from 2-5pm available. But you have another schedule called ‘All Week’ that has Thursday open from 12-6pm. If someone books on an event type that uses ‘Thursdays Only’ from 4-5pm, that same block would be removed from your availability on events using the ‘All Week’ schedule too.

Hope this helps!