Branding not showing up on notifications to clients

  • 2 April 2024
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Branding is showing on the booking pages with the events. However, the notifications sent to the client still have the Calendly images and not my branded logo. Is there a way to update the notifications.

5 replies

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Hey there @Linda61744 - thanks for your topic! 

This is a great question and it lets us know that, perhaps, there needs to be a bit more clarity in our resources re: Calendly branding and custom branding!

You might already be familiar with the “custom branding” options we offer, as you’ve set it up for yourself already - that’s great! 

Just in case, here’s that information. 

We offer two different types of customized branding for Calendly accounts:

1. You can add an Avatar from your “Profile” page by clicking the “Update” button shown in the below screenshot. We recommend avatars be 90px x 90px and less than 5mb in size.

2. Under the “Branding” tab in your Account Settings, you can also choose to add a Company logo. These logos will need to be at least 440px x 240px and less than 5mb in size.

You can read more about branding here!

This information applies to your booking page and does not apply to communications sent to your invitees (booking confirmations, followup emails, reminder emails etc.). 

As far as any Calendly branding in communications going out to your invitee goes - note that you can edit and remove Calendly branding from within your Account Settings Page under the Branding tab (see screenshots). Click your avatar (top right of account landing page) > click “branding” > toggle branding “off.” 

Verbiage displayed when Calendly branding toggled “on”
Verbiage displayed when Calendly branding toggled “off”

Be sure to click "Save Changes" to update this within your account!

At this time there is no way to include images/specific personalized branding in the comms you send out to invitees via Calendly, i.e. a reminder email letting them know their meeting is in 24 hours. 

However! When an invitee receives an email you set up via Workflows, for example, your avatar will automatically appear at the top of that email. Below is an email I set up to fire immediately upon an event being booked via workflows, where you see my avatar at the top of the email body: 

Note: avatar in email reminder body

I hope you find this info helpful! If anything is unclear or you have further questions, don’t hesitate to let me know. Have a great night!


Hey I too learned more about how to phrase my question. Here is my graphic. And the Calendly logo is still displayed. I confirmed that I have both the profile and logo updated.  And I still see this on the notifications. 


Hello, anyone?  My notifications are still showing the Calendly branding. Is this a caching issue with the server or a pointer to the object to display? 


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Hello, anyone?  My notifications are still showing the Calendly branding. Is this a caching issue with the server or a pointer to the object to display? 


Hey there Linda! I am sorry to hear this is an ongoing issue. I believe this might require a bit more personalized troubleshooting than is within the community scope! Will you please reach out to our fabulous support team, available 24/7, by logging into your Calendly account and clicking “help”? They will be able to dig a bit deeper and help you resolve this. Thanks! 

Before you do that, you might be onto something re: caching issue. I suggest: 

  1. clear your cache/cookies (steps below)
  2. re-upload your branding
  3. book a test event with yourself to see if it has applied as desired

If this doesn’t work - def reach out to support!

How to clear browser cache

Browser Link for steps
IE 11


Kelsi, thank you for the information but I think clearing my cache is not going to change anything. The notifications and formatting is done from Calendly’s servers and not my system. So perhaps the servers need to be recycled. 

I will connect with your tech sup. TY