change bank data is not possible



the help chat bot is not helpful. I just want to change my bank data what is not possible. Please help.



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Hey there @Raquel84180 - thanks for your post!

Do you mind elaborating a bit more, here? I am not sure exactly what it is that you need help with - but I do want to help!

Calendly does not process any bank data nor do we integrate with any banks/accounts. 

We have integrations with both Stripe and PayPal that you can utilize in order to collect payments from invitees as they book events, if that is by chance what you are looking for assistance with? 

Let me know! Looking forward to hearing back from you.


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I’m back again @Raquel84180 - just in case this is what you were hoping for help with! 

Are you trying to update your billing information within your Calendly account? If so, this Help Center article goes over how. 

Here are some more resources: 

Link Topics covered
Changing your Organizations plan, seats, and billing information Adjusting seat count, subscription tier, and other billing details
Canceling and/or deleting your account Nuances of account deletion
Sales tax and your Calendly subscription How Calendly handles sales tax, and how to submit tax-exemption status
Downloading your Calendly invoice How to access your invoice from Calendly
International billing topics VAT numbers, India RBI mandate, and other international billing topics.


You can also reach out to our billing team here, if need be.

Let me know if this helps!