Changing Ownership

  • 2 April 2024
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The owner of my organizations Calendly account is no longer at our organziation. Is it possible to change the ownership somehow or do we need to cancel and create a new account?


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Hey there @Elise08713 - great question!

If possible, in order to change ownership, you’d need to log into the owner’s Calendly account and assign a new owner (by selecting another user in the organization). If you are able to access and log into the current owner’s account, you can also change the login email address from their current email address to the email address of whomever you’d like to take ownership. This email address cannot already be associated with a Calendly account (if the email address needed is already associated with an account, add that person as a user to the organization and then assign them as owner). If you can access the owner’s account, the steps to change roles and assign a new owner can be found here

If you are not able to access and log into the current owner’s account, no worries. Don’t go straight to starting from scratch! 

Reach out to our support team (available 24/7) via live chat by logging into your account and clicking “help” so that they can give you the individual assistance needed to work through this. They can usually help with a solution that does not involve a brand new organization! 

Good luck!