Correct tax recording of Calendly invoices in Germany? Reverse Charge?

  • 19 June 2024
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A question specifically for Calendly users in Germany of the EU: I’m confused about how to put Calendly invoices correctly into my accounting software as expenditure.

There’s no US VAT listed in the invoice - so do I need to apply the Reverse Charge paragraph?

Customer support of my accounting Software-as-a-Service were telling me that there is not Reverse Charge for US invoices - but google told me differently.

Anyway I’m wondering: how do other people handle this?

Thanks in advance!


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4 replies

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Hey there @codeeater - thanks for your post, and I do hope that some other customers from Germany/the EU chime in, for you!

In the meantime you might consider reaching out to in order to get answers to your invoice questions.

Good luck! 

Hi @Kelsi at Calendly !

Thanks - two new developments:

  • I dropped the accounting service, because they admitted that they had incomplete support for US invoices in all their variations
  • lexoffice, which I’m using now, supports the case of how the Calendly invoices are presented (at least I hope that I’m doing it the right way now)
  • I didn’t reach out to billing because I thought this is a very local problem - I might do so after all now after your suggestion



PS: Would still like to hear from other German business users of Calendly how they handle this (and maybe their experience with German financial offices on Calendly invoices in earlier years).


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@codeeater -- sounds like you took the right steps, so far! You do not have to reach out to our billing team of course, they just might have some helpful information for you!

Here’s a call-out to all EU Cal Customers to help this customer out, if you can! 🤗​​​​​​

Good luck, friend!