Customer to receive my zoom link intead of Calendly link

  • 10 February 2024
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I am new to Calendly and I set up payment as required for my clients before scheduling.  They can choose any day to schedule to make payment, but I want to be the one to send them my specific zoom link.  I don’t want them to recieve the calendly web conference link which I see under booking page options-there is automatically a calendly event link aleady there.  I did choose location as zoom, but I want to make sure a calendly web call link is not sent.

So my two questions are #1- if my client picks any day on my calendar for the purpose of payment and confirmation that they want to join, after payment does Calendly send them the generated calendar invite link?  I prefer not bc I prefer to send them my own zoom link directly for this particular event i have.  And #2-i would like to require recuring payment. Is there a short cut with Calendly or do I program through PayPal which is what I linked to my Calendly? 

Thank you in advance and apologies if talking circles, I am new to this :)….


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3 replies

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Hey there @Michi04148 - great questions, and thanks for your post! You do not need to apologize for anything - this is why we’re here. =) 

Firstly, check out our New User Guide - it’ll def prove helpful as you get used to the platform!

Now, I’ll address your questions in order! 

  1. There is no way to both set your location for an event type to “Zoom” and choose not to include an automated Zoom link with each event confirmation. For this reason, I’d actually suggest removing Zoom as the location and selecting “custom” instead. Then, you can just write in the description that you will send a Zoom link to the invitee once they have booked. You can either do this manually for each booking, or, set up Workflows to shoot off an email (either immediately upon booking or at a different time - for example - 48 hours later) with a Zoom link you include in it. This would require you use your Zoom Personal Meeting ID in your workflow email so that it’s a standing link that always works, however. You cannot include a dynamic link (that is different for each invitee) in a workflow email as the same email is sent to all invitees that book the event. Otherwise, you’d need to manually email each invitee a Zoom link.
  2. There is currently no way to set up recurring meetings or payments via Calendly. However, we have some work arounds! Check out the below article for more info. 

I hope this helps!


You are very helpful Kelsi!  Thanks so much and I will check out that link. Much appreciated 😊!

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@Michi04148 I am so glad to have helped! Back to easy scheduling, for you! =)