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  • 16 April 2024
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We recently switched from MS Bookings to Calendly and love it so far.  We are using it to help us manage appointments at our warehouse and only allow our partners to book 7 calendar days into the future.  With MS booking all of the appointments became available at midnight for 7 days into the future.  We didn’t necessarily like that but we are also getting feedback from our partners that it can be challenging with Calendly because the appointments open up as the time happens.  For example the appointment for 4/23 at 8am opens up at 8am today (4/16) and so forth.  They would prefer that they all open up at one time like 6:30am on 4/16 for all the appointments on 4/23.  Is that possible?

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3 replies

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Hi @Invoicing02354!

Hmm. That isn’t something Calendly can do right now, but I’ll definitely suggest it to our Product team.

It definitely wouldn’t be a perfect system, but I wonder if instead of using full calendar days if you used hours instead you’d be able to sort of mimic what they’re looking for. So for example, if 7 days is 168 hours, what if you change it to 160 hours? This means that almost a full working day 7 days in the future would be available for booking at the start of a day.

Let me know if that helps at all.

Thank you Jillian for your response!  It looks like it only allows me to use full calendar days,  There is no option to use hour instead.  

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Oh gosh. I read your question rather backwards. I originally read it as wanting to book starting 7 days into the future, so for example if today is the 17th, opening up bookings for the 24th-30th which would have leverage the minimum scheduling notice in hours. 🤦

Let’s try that again. Probably the most straightforward solution here would be to offer scheduling 8 days out instead of 7. This ensures your team can see an entire week out as that day starts - so for example it’s 4pm right now on Wednesday the 17th. With this setup, I’m able to see all of Thursday 4/18 through Thursday 4/25.

Hope that makes more sense. Sorry for the confusion.