Duplicate E-mail Confirmation

  • 21 June 2024
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Whenever a client books an appointment they receive 2 e-mail confirmation simultaneously.  How do I correct this?

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1 reply

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Hey there @Tax36752 -- great question!

Invitees will only receive one email confirmation from, so here’s what I would look into: 

  1. Have you set up a Workflow email to be sent out immediately upon booking, that is serving as a redundant email confirmation? If so, turn this off!
  2. Have you set up a reminder email within the event type to be sent immediately upon booking? Same as above -- turn this off!

If neither of those is the case -- do you have examples from invitees you can provide showing two identical email confirmations, both coming from If so, please share those here -- it’ll help a lot!

I hope this helps!