How can I integrate 2 x calendars from the same Google account?

  • 1 April 2024
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I am integrating my calendars with Calendly and so far so good, BUT…


For my business account in Google I have 2 x calendars associated with that account, a WORK calendar and a PERSONAL calendar. When I integrate that Google account with Calendly, only the WORK calendar entries are shown and not the PERSONAL ones. 


Can anyone tell me how I get both of these calendars to integrate please?


Thanks in advance, Paul.


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Paul, I am new to this myself so your mileage may vary on this response. If I understand your question, you have more than one Google Calendar connected to your Calendly account, but Calendly is only checking one of the calendars for conflicts and you would like it to check more than one calendar.  If my understanding of your question is correct, I would ask if you have selected the calendars you want to be referenced in the CHECK FOR CONFLICT section of the Calendar Sync section in Account Settings. In that CHECK FOR CONFLICT box, there is a blue “edit” text that when clicked opens another window that will allow you to select the calendar(s) you what to have Calendly check for conflicts.  I believe this will address your issue.    

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Hey there @Paul548964 - @Jeff72037 is right on the money, here! Thanks for the peer-to-peer support, Jeff. LOVE to see it!

I am going to include some screenshots for you both!

What you have is one email address associated with one overall Google Calendar, and within that Google Calendar you’ve created two sub-calendars: WORK and PERSONAL

Head to your Calendar Connection page > click “edit” next to “Check for conflicts” > make sure that both sub-calendars are selected there. This is how to ensure that all “busy” events on both sub-calendars are being read as conflicts in Calendly! 

Click your avatar > click “Calendar sync”
Click “edit” next to “Check for conflicts”
Select the sub-calendars you’d like to check for conflicts > click “Update”


I hope this helps! Let us know if you are still stuck, and we’ll be glad to elaborate!