How do I prevent double booking meeting rooms?

  • 18 April 2024
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We work at an organisation with with 3 financial advisors. Our office only has 2 meeting rooms. We also hold meetings online on Teams.

I was wondering how we could set up our account so that clients can’t book an in person meeting with the 3rd advisor if the other 2 already have them booked in to meeting rooms.

Following this, in the event that the meeting rooms are taken, we would need to keep online meetings as an option.

Any help would be appreciated!

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1 reply

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Oh interesting @Harry72673!

The way a lot of users approach this is by adding the two conference rooms as team members on their plans. This ensure the conference rooms can’t be double booked and even better, you can add them a required host on Collective events. You can find more info about all that here:

As for the ‘in the event the meeting rooms are taken’, you might want to consider having 2 different event types available behind a routing form. If the invitee absolutely wants to meet in-person, they’d be routed to the meeting with the conference room. If they prefer Teams, they’re routed to that instead. You can learn more about routing forms here:

Hope this helps!