Limited Access for Collective Meetings

  • 17 April 2024
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I am also looking for a solution to adding hosts to a collective meeting that are not part of my company.  I don’t mind paying to add them to my Calendly account, even if they are already Calendly users with their own account, but what I do mind is how much access they have to our entire account. 

For context, our non-employee hosts are authors of the programs we sell on our platform; they are not technically part of our company, but they do need to help train subscribers to use their programs. A combo training team would ideally include someone from our company and the author (who is not part of our company). Since these authors are not part of the company, they should not:

  • See the list of contacts from meetings they’ve helped to host (to prevent them from directly emailing those subscribers)
  • See a list of other users in the account (which include our staff emails and other author emails)
  • Be able to create their own meetings
  • See the Contacts, Workflows, Integrations & apps, Routing and Org Directory areas

Is there anything like that available now or on the development horizon?

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4 replies

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Hi @Kim43615,

That’s a really interesting scenario. I appreciate the list of what you need them to not be able to do, but I’d love to get an idea of the other side. What Calendly functionality do you need them to have? Curious to see if there is any setting, account type, shared calendar, etc. that would do the trick.

Let me know!

Thanks, Jillian! The following areas area what I think would be most essential for a “guest” host are:

  • Event Types
  • Scheduled Events (without attendee emails displayed)
  • Availability
  • Analytics
  • Account settings: Profile, Phone numbers, Login preferences, Calendar sync

All the above would have the level of permissions already included in the “user” role.

In my ideal scenario, that would be perfect, thanks for asking. 😄

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Hi @Kim43615,

Thanks for the detail! Always good to have a different perspective.

I’ll definitely pass these on to our Product team as I think some of these might make interesting settings in general - such as not being able to see attendee emails or create their own meetings. Lots of great ideas and granularity here!

I wish I could help a bit more right now, but I’d likely continue adding these folks to events after you’ve scheduled them especially if attendee contact info needs to be kept private.

Thanks, Jillian, I appreciate it!