Need Desktop Outlook Plug-in - get help webpage is a big white screen

  • 11 February 2024
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I read through the thread of another user trying to obtain this plugin - so fine, I understand why you want to distribute only as needed - well, I assure you that I need it.  When I first setup Calendly I had Google Workspace hosting my email domain - calendar integration worked just fine - but now I am going to start hosting my own domain using Icewarp.  I have already made the switch for email.  But when I went to change my calendar integration, that is when I learned that Calendly does not support activesync, IMAP or POP.  For now I have switched the calendar integration to my regular gmail account and I access it with Outlook, but that is not optimal because it is read-only.  I have reached out to Icewarp support to see if they have any suggestions - but for now, the only solution I see is to use the plugin - unless you have some other suggestion.

I tried to reach you through the contact us link - but all I get is a big white screen.  So, not much help there.

4 replies

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Hello @Taxes20417 - I am so sorry to hear this is happening! Please log into your Calendly account and click “help” so that you can work with our support team directly to troubleshoot your issues.

If you are getting a “big white screen” when doing this, please follow the below steps to troubleshoot your browser/device so that you can reach out to support: 

  1. Clear cache/cookies (steps below) 
  2. Restart browser
  3. Check browser for app updates, run them
  4. Restart browser
  5. Check device for operating system updates, run them
  6. Restart device
  7. Try an incognito or secret browsing window, or a different browser or device entirely

If these steps do not work please let us know. Otherwise, you will benefit greatly from the personalized troubleshooting our support team can offer in regards to your calendar connections/the plug-in. 

How to clear browser cache

Browser Link for steps
IE 11

I hope this helps! 

I will spare you my resume - but suffice it to say, I am familiar with how to use a browser - and the big white screen occurs with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Brave when attempting to access the URL
here is a screenshot for your reference. I was able to get in contact with support by using the contact sales option (funny how that works) - if you would like, I can provide you with screenshots from all the browsers I have tried and from the two different computers I tried from.

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Hi @Taxes20417,

Thanks for the screenshot. Every once in a great while we’ll run across a situation where something on a customer’s system - extensions, security settings, firewalls, company policies, etc. - blocks the chat window from loading. While I’d truly love to be able to say what it is (and fix it across all systems everywhere), there are a lot of potential causes and a lot of times they aren’t something the customer can fix easily. Either way, I’ll let my peers who handle the chat system know and see if there’s anything we can do or report. Sorry you experienced that!

Just to double check… you were able to get the help and answers you need? Anything else we can help you with?

I did get the help I needed, we are good.  Thank you.