Outlook Sync Supposedly In Place But Outlook Calendar Not Showing Up in Calendly

  • 2 April 2024
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Previoulsy when I tried booking a meeting through Calendly I was able to access my outlook calendar for selection of available time slots. This is no longer working, although Account Settings still indicates that I am connected to my outlook calendar. How to fix this?

1 reply

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Hey there @Leah Wilson - thanks for your topic, and great question! 🙋🏼

The answer to your question depends on what kind of event type you are creating and attempting to have booked by invitees. Let me share an article from here in community about the different event types that Calendly offers!

Looking over that info, you can see that we have: 

We also have the following event types (for teams): 

What kind of event type/s have you been creating/are you trying to create now? Based on what you shared, I am wondering if you are attempting to create a One-Off Meeting - is this the case?

Perhaps you were previously creating one-off meetings and now you have attempted to create a one-on-one event type (which functions differently) - a bit of a mixup?

One-on-one event types do not offer the same ability to select times from within a calendar view (while also viewing your connected calendar events) like one-off meetings do. With event types (one-off meetings and meeting polls not included) you will set up your availability on a broader scale - this availability will apply across the board when invitees visit your public booking page (see: Share Your Calendly Link). This allows invitees to select predetermined dates and times from your availability and book with you when it works for them. You can read more on how that availability works here: Availability Schedules

With one-off meetings, you select blocks of time from a calendar view and then send a single-use link to a single invitee, allowing them to choose one of those times. These one-off meetings take priority over your other event types/bookings and your connected calendar events. 

When creating a One-Off Meeting in Calendly, you will be brought to a page that allows you to select time slots to be offered to the invitee. This pulls from your availability in your connected calendar, in your case Calendar. 

If this view looks familiar and is what you are hoping to see: 

  1. Head into your Calendly account and click “Create” in the top left corner
  2. Choose “one-off meeting” (if this is not one of the listed options, click the arrow for “more ways to meet” below the listed options)
  3. Select the desired times and click “Next” - follow the prompts from there























If this is what you are doing and you are not seeing this calendar view/cannot select times there - please include screenshots of what you do see (you can blur out personal info, like I did in the example above) so that I can assist in troubleshooting! 

If you are not hoping to create a one-off meeting please provide some more context detailing exactly what it is that you hope to do, and the issues you are facing, so I can assist. 😃 A description and/or screenshots of the type of event/meeting you are hoping to create along with what you are seeing when you do attempt to create it would be very helpful. 

Looking forward to hearing back from you!