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  • 2 April 2024
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Hello everyone,

I have just noticed clients are unable to book initial consultations with me through a website.  It had been working great before, but now when you click on “book appointment with Lisa” a page displaying Page not Found appears. 

How do I rectify this please?


Many thanks


1 reply

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Hey there @Lisa44025 - thanks for posting, and sorry to hear this is happening!

I will need a little bit more context in order to troubleshoot.

My first thought is this - is the event type that you embedded on your website still active, i.e. is it “turned on”? If the event type is “turned off” then that could explain things. The “gear” icon at the top right of each of your event types will lead you to an “on/off” toggle - make sure the event is toggled “on.” 

The second thing that pops to mind is whether or not you have current availability on this event type. If the event that you embedded has no availability, that could also result in the error. Check in on your Availability Schedules and make sure your event type has upcoming available dates to be booked! 

Last thought - have you checked your Calendar Connection page to see if your calendar connections are misfiring, somehow? If your “add to” calendar has somehow gone awry, disconnecting and reconnecting it could resolve this. 

Looking forward to hearing back from you!