Please help me understand Upcoming Scheduled Events

  • 11 June 2024
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Please help me understand why there are two time schedule showing on this scheduled event card? All of the attendees are from UK. What are these two times showing cause it is confusing to look at. Thank you so much for clarifying!



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Hey there @Steve20320 - sorry for the confusion, but I am so glad you posted!

So, when you head to “scheduled events” > “upcoming” you will see the following, in your case: 

  • One timezone (large)
  • Second timezone (smaller)
  • Invitee timezone (if you click “invitee details” next to each booked invitee, you will see their timezone listed there)

The larger timezone you see in your screenshot is the timezone in which you set up your event type/the timezone Calendly sees that booking as taking place in. The smaller timezone underneath it is the secondary timezone to you -- because you (likely) set your account settings to a different timezone than the event takes place in. 

This is to help you differentiate if you are traveling/in a different timezone than your event type is set up to take place in.

I hope this helps!

If you are still confused, check out the following: 

  • head into your event type settings and look at your availability section to see what timezone you set up the event in
  • head into your account settings to see what timezone you set up your account in

Let us know if you get stuck! 

Check out this article, too: 

Thank you so much for clarifying @Kelsi at Calendly

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You are so very welcome @Steve20320 -- happy to help! 😄