Send text messages to is not prefilling when scheduling the invitee again

  • 20 June 2024
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When checking the scheduled events, the “send text messages to” is clearly filled out together with the rest of the fields.


However, when trying to schedule the invitee again, all of the fields prepopulate except for the “send text messages to”. Is this a bug?


See this video - 


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5 replies

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Hey there @Nelvin Panaligan - thanks for your post!

I am sorry to hear this is happening. You might need more personalized support, on this one! You can reach out to our support team, available 24/7 via live chat, by logging into your Calendly account > clicking “chat with us” in the bottom righthand corner.

Good luck, and I am sure they’ll help! 

Hi Kelsi,


I don’t think I have that option.  I am only on standard plan. Is there someone that can help me through this topic? Or a toll-free number I call maybe?



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Hey @Nelvin Panaligan -- live chat support is available to all members on all of our paid plans, 24/7, to include the Standard plan. The place you showed in the screenshot isn’t where you’d look for it, though. You’d look at the bottom right corner for the “chat with us” bubble I showed in my own screenshot above! I just want you to have this information for the future, in case you need live support. If you do not see the “chat with us” bubble, try clearing your cache/cookies or going to our Help Center and clicking “get help”, top right > then clicking “contact us.” 

I can generally provide great support here in community, but your specific issue might require troubleshooting that live support is better suited for -- that’s why I suggested it! Our support team does not have an inbound phone number, no. I’m sorry! 

If you aren’t able to get through to them, try these steps for your issue: 

  1. try clearing cache and cookies > restarting your browser
  2. then attempt to reschedule an invitee again and see if the SMS field auto-populates
  3. attempt this in another browser
  4. attempt this in an incognito/secret browsing window
  5. run any updates your browser might need > restart > attempt one more time

How to clear browser cache

Browser Link for steps
IE 11

If this does not resolve your issue, please let us know and send any further screenshots or details that might help us troubleshoot!

Hi @Kelsi at Calendly - the chatbot didn’t help at all as there was no live agent.



I also did try the troubleshooting method you provided - incognito and other browser but still didn’t work.

It’s supposed to prepopulate when scheduling the invitee again, correct? Or is it really not the expected before when using the text message workflow?

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@Nelvin Panaligan if the invitee filled out the SMS field the first time, then yes, it should pre-populate along with the other fields.

You will get an email from support and should be able to troubleshoot this there, but I am not sure why you aren’t getting through to a live agent, which would be ideal for this scenario.

Can you try again, perhaps? 

As far as troubleshooting this issue goes I am very limited from where I stand which is why I want support to help you!