Share one link with multiple invitees for one-on-ones at specific times

  • 14 March 2024
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I want to allow my 10 clients to book individual feedback meetings with me during a defined set of specific dates -- say all 5 days of the coming week. I want to send out one Calendy link in a group email to all 10 clients and let them choose their times from the slots available.  That does not seem possible in Calendy; as soon as one client uses the link it goes dead for the other 9 clients. The only way to do it is to send separate emails to each of the 10 clients with an separate link to the event in each one. That is very inefficient and time consuming. 

Surely there must be a way to invite a group of people to each choose their individual meeting times. Can someone help me with that.  I’m fairly new to Calendy and am trying to master the fundamentals. 

7 replies

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Hey there! Welcome to Calendly and great question! Check out our New User Guide - it answers questions like this one and many more and is a great resource as you learn the ropes!

It sounds like you are creating a One-Off Meeting - this is a single-use meeting type that results in sharing a single-use link, so when the first of ten invitees book that link becomes dead for the remaining nine, as you’ve seen!

You’ll want to instead create a regular one-on-one event type. This can be used as many times as you’d like. If you only want the ten people you invite to be able to book it and not anyone that has the link to your booking page at any given time, make the event secret and then only those you share it with will be able to access it.

I hope this helps!



Thanks Kelsi for your response. I tried the “regular” one-on-one meeting, but you cannot specify particular timeslots in your invite. You can only define the days. The one-off meeting offers you the option to select a few slots here and there. Is there a possiblity to specify slots and share it with multiple clients?



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Hey there @Amir - great question!

So, when using a one-on-one event type you do unlock the ability to also use our Customize Once and Share feature! This feature might be super helpful to you down the line so I wanted to bring it to your attention. However, this also creates a single-use link and results in only being able to share with one single invitee at a time, meaning you’d have to do this several times to invite several invitees and so on. That is not ideal at all! So what’s the workaround? 

I believe the best solution here is to: 

  1. Create a new one-on-one event type
  2. Use date specific hours instead of weekly availability or an Availability Schedule 
  3. Use the “add times to email” feature when clicking to share your booking link - this allows you to pre-select several time blocks offered and display them to the invitee(s) in the email you send out

Check out the video below, in which I go over how to make this happen - I think it’ll all come together and ultimately help you meet your goal! 



Thanks @Kelsi at Calendly for your reply and the video. Very informative. It is a bit of work, but it is OK. 

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Thanks @Kelsi at Calendly for your reply and the video. Very informative. It is a bit of work, but it is OK. 

Hey again Amir! Thanks for your response, here. I agree - it’ll take a little bit of leg work - but I am so happy to be able to give you a way to meet your goal! It’s bulky and imperfect, but it’ll work, right? 

Let me know if there’s anything else at all I can help you with!

p.s. check out our New User Guide - it’s full of tips + tricks for getting started. Our Help Center is also super useful while you’re learning the ropes! Have a wonderful day. 🤗

When using this method, how can you make these specific meeting times unavailable for other event appointment scheduling?   If you only want these specific hours for a specific group of people?  I can’t block the time on my calendar because then it won’t let this event book those specific times.  

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Hi @Cindy36450!

You could use a separate availability schedule for this event versus your other events. Basically what this would look like is making your time generally unavailable for all other event types and then using a separate schedule for this one with those times available.

So for example, next week on Thursday I’m headed to an in-person event. I want people to be able to grab time to meet with me at that event, but I need all my other events to basically act like that day doesn’t exist! In order to make this work, I’ve gone into the Calendly schedule that controls most of my events (for me that’s the default ‘Working Hours’), swapped into calendar view, and removed all of my availability for that Thursday. I’ve then swapped to the Calendly schedule for this in-person event and made the hours I’ll be available at the in-person event available for scheduling.

You can learn more about schedules here: