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  • 2 April 2024
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My Outlook calendar shows events from “other calendars” or “people’s calendars” to which I subscribe.  Those events show up to allow me to stay informed of what events are coming up in the future.  I don’t accept most of those events.  Does Calendly deem events on those subscribed calendars to be unavailable for booking?  

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Hey there @Delida74476 - great question! Calendly usually will not check subscribed calendars for conflicts. This depends on the permissions you have for those shared/subscribed calendars. If you have not been given full editing permissions, it’s unlikely that those events are going to be read as conflicts by Calendly. You can know for sure by heading to your Calendar Connection page > clicking “edit” next to your “check for conflicts” section > looking to see if the subscribed calendars appear as “check for conflicts” sub calendar options to be selected. If they don’t, then no events on those calendars should appear as conflicts in your Calendly account.

You can also check this by heading to your own public booking page to see if the times those subscribed calendar “busy” events take place are blocked off in your availability.

Here’s some more information: 

Many calendars that you may be subscribed to, such as calendars displaying national holidays, company holidays, etc, are shared (often public) calendars. Generally, Calendly is not able to check subscribed calendars for conflicts.

If you would like Calendly to consider them unavailable on a holiday, for example, you can copy/clone the event on the subscribed calendar onto their own calendar, then set the event to "Busy."

Here is an example of a cloned Thanksgiving Day event in Google Calendar with the status set to "Busy."


Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 4.38.37 PM.png


As it pertains to calendars that are shared to your O365/ calendar - you will need to make sure the same applies. You’ll want full editing permissions for all of these and to make sure that the “busy” events are appearing on your O365/ calendar. There is a chance that some of these “busy” events might not be picked up by Calendly otherwise. 

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions - I’ll be here all day! 🤗