Vacation rentals and hotels.

  • 7 December 2023
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Why doesn’t calendly allow for booking accommodations? Users should be able to simply select one event per calendar day in contiguous blocks. 

I know a lot of other people are trying to solve that problem but it would be nice to get that feature. 

5 replies

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Hi @Agam54187!

I hadn’t thought about using Calendly from an accommodation perspective, so thanks for posting this. Usually we get asked for the ability to book full contiguous blocks for things like conferences, seminars, etc. so the request is out there and being considered! I’ll be sure to put this one in our December product feedback roll up too.

Super curious if you’ve got any other product requests related to vacation rentals and hotels. Would love to hear them!


Yes +1 to this! Kind of surprised this wasn’t thought about. Hospitality is a huge vertical.

I have a customer that wishes to book “experiences” such as one would book a hotel or B&B stay.

i.e. 4 day packages on a recurring weekly schedule w/ upgrade option for 2 more days for people to learn horseback riding, skiiing, cooking, etc. This is the same service as a 1 hour consultation or instruction, just over the span of several days, we are only lacking the ability to book a sequence of “days” instead of being limited to 12hr maximum chunks of time. Services like Shopify and Squarespace lack this capability as well so if we could embed Calendly on those sites it would hugely empower us.

Thank you for considering this.

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@tellatek thanks so much for this feedback! As I am sure you know, we see requests like this a lot. As Jillian mentioned we will be sure to include off of your feedback in our December “Feedback: The Gathering” to make sure the right eyes see it. I hope this helps!

In the meantime, the common workaround for booking consecutively is: 

Many users encourage invitees to book their next meeting after confirming an event

Standard, Teams, and Enterprise users can also take advantage of our invitee redirect feature! Rather than seeing the Calendly confirmation page after booking, invitees will be automatically forwarded to the website of your choosing. Check out this help center article to get you started.

The other workaround I have would be for once the invitee books the event within Calendly, either you or the invitee can edit the event on your calendar and set it up to repeat as needed. While this won't create an event within Calendly, Calendly will be able to check it for conflicts, so you will not be booked at that time.

I know this doesn’t precisely meet your needs, but hopefully something proves helpful! 

Is this features ready? 

I saw currently the maximum durations that we can set in Event Details is just Min and Hours.

It will be good if you guys can add days there so that we can just simple use Calendly for the whole day booking.

This will be good for small vacation provider such as an independent room rental/house rental.

Thanks a lot

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Hey - thanks for adding your feedback! To reiterate what we’ve said above - we cannot make promises about when new features might be implemented in the future, if ever, but we can absolutely continue to include the requests in our monthly feedback for our product team (which I promise we are doing!) and hope that they’re introduced down the line! I will make sure to note your “upvote” as well. Thank you again!